DIY Wine Bottle Scones Using Mini Circular Saws

I have struggled since we moved into our house to commit to decor pieces that go on the walls, but when I saw a version of this project on Pinterest I was excited to give it a try. It was the perfect tie-in for our wine/coffee bar and added some dimension beyond just putting more flat artwork on the walls.

I started with 2 pieces of wood that are about 1/4″ thick by 5″ wide, and 1 piece that is about 1/4″ thick and only 1″ wide and best mini circular saw. You can use different thicknesses to get different depth to these sconces, so that part is all personal preference. I made sure though that the 2 larger pieces were long enough to provide wood for both the shelf portion of the sconce as well as the back, so they needed to be about 5-6″ longer than a wine bottle is tall (super technical measurements here I know!). Check out the rotorazer saw reviews and it’s alternatives to know more about them.

Once I got my wood, which cost in total about $4 at Lowe’s (these were all pre-cut pine pieces), I picked a stain color that tied in with other furniture in our house. I actually had a little bit of this dark stain left from another project so it was a perfect way to use up something I already had. I used a brush to apply the stain to all the pieces, and a clean cloth to wipe off the excess. Allow drying completely.

After the stain was dry I used a sponge brush and stencil found at Hobby Lobby to decorate over top. It tied in the white color from our new coffee bar cabinetry in the room and added some visual interest to the sconces. I only wanted the pattern to end up on the back of the scones, so I left the portion of the board that would become the shelf just bare stain, about 4-5 inches.

Once all the stenciling was dry, I cut the shelf portion (bare stained wood) free from the back portion of the sconces (stenciled portion). I also cut the other thin strip of 1/4″ x 1″ wood into two pieces that were the same width as the larger boards. These two smaller strips got glued to one end of each of the larger boards for added support before attaching the shelves. I clamped the pieces after applying wood glue and allowed them to dry.

Once the support pieces were dry, I used a right angle and wood glue to add the shelf portion to each sconce. Again, I clamped and let the shelves dry in place. Once dry, I turned each sconce over and put two screws through the back and into the shelf on each sconce to make sure they were very secure.

Then it was time to hang them up! I didn’t want to have any obvious hardware and wanted the scones to sit flush to the wall, so to install I used 4 finishing nails (2 towards the top and 2 down near the shelf) and tapped them in flush with the sconce. They have just tiny silver heads and the pattern of the sconces makes them completely unnoticeable.

Once in place, it was time for finishing touches. I soaked two wine bottles (yes, this project requires that you drink 2 bottles of wine! I love projects like that!) and used a kitchen knife to remove any stuck on residue from the labels. If you let them soak in soapy warm water for 15+ minutes the labels should come off pretty easily. I filled each bottle with coffee beans from Fresh Market and a few floral stems from Hobby Lobby.

I absolutely love how well this project came together. It ties in our coffee/wine theme so well and in a really unique and subtle way. I also love that I’ll be able to change out the decor I put on the scones for holidays as well. I’m thinking pretty candles at Christmas time or more colorful flowers in the Spring! How versatile!

I hope this makes you think about the simple things you can DIY to add some personal style to your home. Let me know what you are working on and if you modify this idea to make it unique to your space! Go Do It!

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